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The society today is filled with people who are working not only to earn a living but also to provide support for their aging parents. This group of people is known as the sandwich generation. The sandwich generation has been given an added responsibility by the society and it is important for them to come up with ways that will prevent this from being a cycle. This is done by Read More

Technical writing is considered to be a form of technical communication. It is a style of formal writing used in such fields as high technology including computer hardware and software, chemistry, finance, consumer electronics.

It doesnt require any creativity because it is used not for entertainment of the readers, but to give the better understanding of the subject, the one that technical writing describes. The most important thing of technical writing is a simple straightforward explanation.

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What social studies mean?

Social studies are the name of the course which taught at the elementary, middle, and secondary schools. At the elementary school, social studies focus on the local community and family. At the high school and middle level the social studies become more discipline-based and content-specific. Interesting that social studies is not the same as sociology or social science. Some courses are made especially for schools, while sometimes these courses have much borrowing from sociology, Read More